TML Messaging Suite  1.1.5
Python Extension
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Install TML for Python

Get libTML Core library

TML for Python RAD requires the libTML core library to be installed. Get the source of the core library and follow the instructions of the libTML-c installation guide.

Get libTML for Python

Download the libTML-python source package from GitHub and extract it.


TML for Python uses disutils to build and install the libraries. Compiling the Python Extension to access the libTML core library requires a compiler. For installation on Linux use gcc and on Windows Visual Studio.


Go to the root directory of the libTML-python source package and call the script with the install command.

python ./ install

The package is installed for the Python version used to call the script. If multiple Python versions are installed, repeat this step for each.

If the installation fails because of library dependencies while compiling the extension modules _tml_ext and _sidex_ext, modify the paths in to match the location of the libTML-c files. Modify include_dirs and library_dirs.

After successful installation try to import the extensions. Make sure the libTML-c shared libraries or dlls are installed and can found while loading the extension modules.

import sidex
import tml  

If the import doesn't raise an error, all libraries are in place and the module can be uses. Read the Introduction to TML for Python to learn what to do next.